The 3 Journeys 

The GHP works at the intersection of three essential journeys.

In Inward Journey of cultivating personal wholeness and deepening consciousness, 

The Communal Journey of cultivating healthy relationships and community, 

and the Outward Journey of cultivation our creativity, calling, and compassion.

The GHP maps for personal and social transformation

To integrate means

“to bring together, to join, to link, to embrace. Not in the sense of uniformity, and not in the sense of ironing out all the wonderful differences, colors, zigs and zags of a rainbow-hued humanity, but in the sense of unity- in-diversity, shared commonalties along with our wonderful differences”  - Ken Wilber

  • Intro to Integral Thinking & Practice1:30:00

Cultivating A Culture Of

Consciousness & Compassion

What is Integral Theory?

Something amazing is happening right now.

All around the world, a new culture is beginning to emerge.
It's a culture of people like you—people who are bringing more beauty into the world, more love to our human family, and more wholeness to lives. People who understand that we are all still evolving, and that growth and self-discovery is a lifelong journey.

It's a culture of people who are creating an entirely new vision of who we are and where we are going—a positive, inspiring, radically hopeful vision of the future.

The Global Human Project is Louisville's local and unique expression of this emerging global culture and movement.

The Global Human Project is a new social architecture that empowers you to discover everything you need to unlock your own deepest potentials, gain access to the most powerful tools, practices, and perspectives on the planet, and join in communities of integral practice.  

An Emerging Social Architecture For Global Human Flourishing 

Global Human Project