Schedule of Weekly Themes

First Wednesday - Louisville Evolutionaries

On The first Wednesday of the month we join with the Louisville Evolutionaries Program to host of our our cities change agents.  

Second Wednesday - Enneagram For Dinner

Bring a potluck dish and $5 and lets talk Enneagram.  No prior knowledge of Enneagram needed… but you might want to take a short online test

Third Wednesday - International Night 

Come hear Amazing Stories from our international neighbors.  Invite someone you know from a different global culture. 

Fourth Wednesday - Soul Collage

Join Peg Foley, our HPC Soul Collage Guru, for dinner and the transformative practice of Soul Collage ($10 materials fee).

The Louisville Table Project encourages and empowers our community to gather for the simple and sacred practice of breaking bread and telling stories. We trust the transformative power of a shared meals and authentic conversation to create the dynamic space from which the city that we all want will naturally emerge. 

It’s simple… host a meal, invite diverse guests, tell stories evoked by powerful questions, and harvest meaningful insights.

There are a few simple suggestions to make the most out of your experience.


Host a Meal - A shared meal can be hosted by anyone at any time and at any place.  What is important with each option is that everyone is invited to contribute in some way. Below are a few ways to do this:

Cook together – Cooking and eating a meal together is a transformative experience. If you have the time and the space, we recommend this option. 

Pot luck – Meals where everyone is invited to bring a dish naturally creates a feeling of community because they honor the need for everyone to bring their individual “gift” to the collective good. It allows power to be shared.

Host Prepared Meals – Some hosts find the act of preparing and serving a meal to be a meaningful experience. If you choose this option, we encourage you to think of ways your guests can contribute. To create a feeling of equality, you may ask guests to bring their stories and openness to engaging new people as their contribution to the shared meal.

Catered Meals – Catered meals, especially from Louisville’s many international restaurants, creates a multi-cultural connections and a more true experience of Louisville Diversity.

Diversity of Guests - The transformative power of a shared meal is related to the diversity of those who gather… the greater the diversity the more transformative potential of the experience. When thinking about the guests be intentional with diversity of all types (ethnicity, religion, age, economic, vocation, geography, etc) and be open to who might spontaneously arise as a potential guest. One suggestion is to always keep several Louisville Table Invitation Cards with you so as meet people you can easily invite them to your next shared meal. Be open to surprise synchronistic encounters with potential future guests.

Sharing Stories - Story-telling is the vehicle of personal encounter and the transformative power behind shard meals. Focusing stories around a few powerful questions provides enough structure so participants feel comfortable sharing while allowing for conversations to organically flow. A few simple and focused questions at the beginning can spur deeper free flow sharing later.

Harvesting Wisdom – Invite participants to write, doodle, or draw on the paper tablecloth, or sticky notes as a visual harvest of what emerges and happens during the conversation; the meal can end with a communal conversation about what has been important and meaningful. Those insights can be harvested and made available to the public as a way of illuminating our city's collective wisdom for the city that wants to emerge.  Pictures and key insights can be posted on both the facebook page and sent to Table Project Team who will review and look for key insights and threads.

More Ideas

  • All ages and families are welcomed and encouraged to participate. 
  • You may begin the meal with a simple reading, poem, or prayer from a wisdom tradition. Be sensitive to religious and worldview diversity.
  • Print off the Louisville Table Project invites from the website or create your own. 
  • Find creative and spontaneous ways to invite guests to your shared meal.
  • Give several invitation cards to someone you would like to know better and have them invite someone they would like to know better.    
  • As the dinner progresses, one side of the table will change seats and conversation will continue with new questions and connections.  
  • The conversation questions may be open or related to a topic or theme.
  • Each week have a different restaurant host the meal, and a representative from the restaurant as a participant and host of the evening.
  • If you were to create a dinner party that represented the future of our community, it would look like this. 

Here is one example
The Louisville Table Project at The Loft

Pot Luck Dinner Every Wednesday
6:30 PM Gathering and Conversation
6:45 PM Welcome, Shared Meal, and Story-Telling
8:15 PM Closing
(Donations Welcomed)