The Evolution of Organizations

"Our current models of running organizations have exceeded their capacities for resilience, relevance and power.  For very many people, organizations are place of dread and drudgery, not passion and purpose."  

- Howard Mason

Specializing in sustainable solutions to tough problems in environments of rapid change.

The Art of Hosting Change in a Complex World
What does it take to realize sustainable solutions in the face of complexity, diversity, and rapid change?

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Transforming the well-being of our communities and organizations calls on us to meet new challenges of complexity, uncertainty, diversity, and rapid change. We are challenged to work on many levels simultaneously.

Today’s leaders need to be able to respond to a world that is increasingly complex and fragmented, where solutions and innovations lie not in one idea, viewpoint or leader, but in the bigger field of our collective intelligence.

This event is rooted in principles of self-organization, participation, shared ownership, and generative solutions. Of particular importance is the creative tension between chaos and order where learning and innovation take place, leading to sustainable change and new results.
In this event you will learn:

  • To go from fragmentation to connection. To ground actions in what is meaningful.
  • To allow all voices to be heard so the collective intelligence can surface.
  • To lead in environments of high complexity, uncertainty, and disagreement.
  • To notice and shift patterns at individual, team, and systemic levels.
  • To tune awareness  for sensing and seizing emerging opportunities.
  • To take social innovations to scale and influencing larger systems through emergence.

This event is for

  • people who host social transformation or are guiding projects and visions beyond their local conditions, who want to connect the dots and see the bigger whole.
  • people and groups who work in business, non-profits, social enterprise, government, the arts, social justice, faith communities, education.
  • people who work across disciplines, sectors, and cultures.

What emerges?
Deep learning
Powerful questions
Engaging strategies
Bold action
Courage and inspiration
Communities of practice
Local and global allies

Be prepared to be surprised and delighted by the people, experiences, and opportunities.


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Conscious Leaders: A Community of Integral Practice

September 2016 - May 2017
Monthly Workshops, Book Studies & 
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The world is in need of awake leaders who are able to lead from the future as it emerges. We need women and men who are able to work from a deep awareness of themselves, their organizations, and the complexity of problems facing our global community.  This nine-month community of integral practice focuses on cultivating a rich inner life from which participants are able to practice conscious and transformative leadership.  The Community integrates monthly workshops, optional breakfast book groups and individual coaching. 

Thursday Morning Workshops Include: 

September 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM - The Principles, Patterns and Practices of Conscious Leadership & Evolutionary Organizations. 

Facilitators and Coaches: 

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