Through interactive webinars, an online presentation, and a downloadable handbook, we will explore the most advanced and dynamic integrative practices available for cultivating human growth and development.  At the end of the series, participants will receive access to an online handbook of integrative practices and a certification of completion.  An on-demand recording of all past webinars will be available for those who are unable to participate in the live sessions and an adaptable presentation will be made available for practitioners, teachers, and trainers to use within their own context.  

Training package includes:

  • Live training webinars with integrative practitioners.
  • On-demand downloadable recordings of past webinars.
  • Access to a downloadable, collaborative, and reusable presentation. Participants are able to utilize and adapt the presentation for their own training and education purposes.
  • An online downloadable handbook of integral practices.  For each session, a three-to-five page summary will be available for personal and professional use. 

For each practice methodology, we will explore:

  • The origins, history, and leading practitioners in that field.
  • The science and research supporting the practice.
  • Ideas and practical suggestions for facilitation from professional practitioners.
  • Resources for further study and training.Online Webinar Schedule

Webinars Date
Wednesdays, June 22 to September 7, 2016
 2:00 to 3:00 PM

  • After registration, participants will receive a call-in number, PIN and presentation link to access live webinars.
  • Recordings will be available within two days of the live webinar for on-demand download.
  • Participants must participate in live webinar and conversations to receive training certification.

Training Package Fees
$240 - Full Training Package - includes live webinars, recordings, handbook, and reusable presentation

$140 - Full Training Package for LIPA members*

$200 - Twelve recorded sessions and handbook (no certification of completion)

$35 - Handbook of Integrative Practices

$340 - LIPA membership* ($2oo) AND Full Training Package ($240)

Integral Practices Online Training and Took Kit

Schedule of Sessions

June 22

Session 1: An Introduction to Integral Theory and Integrative Practice

June 29
Session 2: Biopsychosocial Approaches to Optimal Physical Health

July 6
Session 3: Mindfulness and Meditation Practices: Secular and Religious Practices 

July 13
Session 4: Personality Profiles: Enneagram, Myers-Briggs, and Strength Finder

July 20
Session 5: Family Systems: Bowan Systems Theory, Genograms, and Family Constellations

July 27
Session 6: Integral Yoga: Harvesting the Modern Wisdom of an Ancient Practice

Aug 3
Session 7: Working with the Unconscious: Dream Work, Active Imagination, and Shadow Work

Aug 10
Session 8: Art Therapy Modalities: Working with Symbols, Soul Collage, and Mandalas 

Aug 17
Session 9: Trauma and Healing Modalities: Primal Therapies, EMDR, and Havening Techniques

Aug 24
Session 10: Body-Centered Practices: Tai Chi, Nia, Authentic Movement, and Massage 

Aug 31
Session 11: Energy Systems: Acupuncture, Healing Touch®, Breath Work, and Reiki 

Sept 7
Session 12: Bringing It All Together: Working with Clients to Develop a Practice Plan