Integral Life Practice Group for Teens (NEW)

The teen years are an exciting and pivotal time
during which change is constantlyhappening - physically, mentally, emotionally, and in their value system.  Teens are better equipped to handle modern culture's onslaught of academic, social, and societal pressures when they are able to draw from a developed inner resilience. Emergence for Teens is designed to provide teenagers with the life-long tools and practices they need to thrive. 
Teens will...

Discover their authentic personality using the Enneagram Personality Typology.
Cultivates practices of mindfulness and meditation for stress reduction. 
Develop skills in creating healthy relationships with family and friends.
Understand family system dynamics using a three generation Genogram. 
Cultivate healthy choices related to their bodies and sexuality.

Discern their unique gifts and passions using Facilitators - Jud Hendrix and Shelly Sowell 
Sunday evenings, September 18 to October 23 
5:30 to 7:00 PM
Group limited to 15 participants
Fee: $250 

Emergence - An Introduction to Integral Life Practices 

This introductory group is designed for those who want
an experience of the wide spectrum of integrative practices available for human growth.  The group requires a 12-week commitment and will cover most of the Integrative Practices listed above.  Gatherings include an opening meditation, peer group check-in, teaching and facilitation of a practice from a local practicioner, debriefing, and a check-out. 

Wednesday Evenings - September 7 - November 30
7:00 to 8:30 PM
Tuition: $300 

Integral Life Practice Community for Men
Men have a unique path to waking-up and and growing-up.  This ongoing community utilizes the wisdom of integral practices while focusing on the unique dynamics and developmental path of men.   Specific themes related to masculine psychology and spirituality are explored within a community of trust and friendship.  All those who identify as a man are welcome to participate.  
Every Sunday evening (ongoing group, three-month commitment) 

7:30 to 9:00 PM
Starts September 11
Fee: $240 ($20 a week)

Each of these groups below utilizes an Integral Life Practice (ILP) approach to self-awareness and personal growth.   Each week within a supportive community, we learn and practice a different methodology for waking-up and growing-up.  

These groups are not just an advanced approach to self-development and higher awareness but are a way of making the best use of the full spectrum of insights, methods, and teachings available for cultivating a more open, balanced, and integrated life.  Practices are fascilitate by a variety of regional teachers and practitioners.

All Groups Utilize These Core Integral Practices
Session 1: An Introduction to Integral Theory and Integrative Practice
Session 2: Personality Profiles: Enneagram, Myers-Briggs, and Strength Finder
Session 3: Mindfulness and Meditation Practices: Secular and Religious Methods 
Session 4: Working with the Unconscious: Dream Work, Active Imagination, and Shadow Work
Session 5: Family Systems: Bowen Systems Theory, Genograms, and Family Constellations
Session 6: Integral Yoga: Harvesting the Modern Wisdom of an Ancient Practice
Session 7: Biopsychosocial Approaches to Optimal Physical Health
Session 8: Art Therapy Modalities: Working with Symbols, Soul Collage, and Mandalas 
Session 9: Trauma and Healing Modalities: Primal Therapies, EMDR, and Havening Techniques
Session 10: Body-Centered Practices: Tai Chi, Nia, Authentic Movement, and Massage 
Session 11: Energy Systems: Acupuncture, Healing Touch, Breath Work, and Reiki 
Session 12: Bringing It All Together: Cultivating an Integral Lifestyle 
For each practice methodology, we will explore:

The origins, history, and leading practitioners in that field.
The science and research supporting the practice.
Resources for further study and training.

Integral Leadership Cohort: A Learning Lab For Emerging Wisdom and Practices

This is an open and ongoing community designed for leaders and practitioners who want to explore and experiment with new and emerging methodologies within a peer community of practice. The cohort is designed for those who have a self directed learning path and want a collaborative community to deepening their learning, insights and practice.  The learning curriculum is not set in advance, but emerges as participants explore their own personal and professional edges of growth.  Participation requires a three-month commitment in order to cultivate deeper trust and intimacy.  

Thursday Nights, September 15th - November 17th)
Fall Cohort (September - November, 10 Weeks) 
Fee: $250 a week, $150.00 for LIPA Members

Integral Life Practice Communities

Global Citizenship

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21st Century

​Leadership & Work

Body, Mind,

Soul, & Spirit

Creativity, Calling, & Change

Relationship, Family, & Systems