To break the World's Record we need 450 volunteers to assume the roles of Table Hosts. 

Connecting with new neighbors through sharing food and stories is what the Big Table is al about.  This is where Table Host play a key role in creating a meaningful experience.  A Table Host agree to welcome guests to their table of eight and coordinate the interactions and conversation using our unique conversation cards and dialogue process. 

Don't be intimidated!  We will provide you step-by-step instructions.  

Updated instructions will be emailed to you with a link to a fifteen minute audio training session. 

We are also asking Table Host to invite at least 8 people to the event and make a donation to help with the expenses of renting table and chairs and printing conversation cards. 

If you have further questions, contact Jud Hendrix ( or Cathy Berkey (

Basic Information

  • Arrive by 4:00 PM at the Iroquois Amphitheater (1080 Amphitheater Rd, Louisville, KY 40214) with your dish, drinks and a blanket (we will use blankets in case we do not have enough tables and chairs)
  • Sign in at the volunteer table located at two different entrances and receive your table assignment and materials
  • Welcome guests to your table and fascilitate the conversation and connections. ​

Sunday, September 16

5:00 to 7:00 PM

@ Iroquois Park

Everything you need to know to host a table at the Big Table.