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Global Commons bridges the Louisville area’s international and local communities by facilitating transformative educational opportunities to cultivate global citizenship.


Global Commons, a part of the non-profit Global Human Project, is a group of education practitioners dedicated to sharing our vast cross-cultural expertise in fostering culturally proficient citizens, thus creating a more welcoming and engaged community.

Are you . . .

. . . a business or organization needing professional assistance in creatively and effectively training employees to be culturally proficient and welcoming of diversity?

. . . a teacher looking for engaging educational opportunities to cultivate global awareness and citizenship in your students?

. . . a citizen of the Louisville area wanting to cultivate a more welcoming and hospitable community for our international neighbors?

If so, we can help!

Bring The Simulation To Your School, Group or Community

How We Do It

(Services and Programs)

Cultural Proficiency Assessment, Consultation, and Training:

We create individualized training programs in social responsibility, cultural proficiency, and conflict resolution to meet the unique multicultural needs and challenges of organizations, schools, and businesses (certification programs available.)  

Walk A Mile In My Shoes: A Refugee Camp Simulation:

This mock refugee camp provides a dynamic three-hour learning experience that casts participants into the role of refugees as they flee their home countries in search of safety and hope. We offer one large-scale annual simulation event for school groups, corporate teams, and the community, as well as small, on-site simulations for schools, groups, and businesses.

Cultural “Deep Dives”:

Participants gain richer understanding into our community’s major immigrant/refugee populations through immersion tours, which include international guest speakers and onsite learning experiences in various ethnic neighborhoods, restaurants, and/or businesses. Hear powerful stories and learn about different cultures while celebrating the international community’s contributions to the beauty and diversity of our community.

Global Tables:

The Global Table brings diverse people together around the universal language of food. Come break bread, share stories, and learn about different countries’ customs and cuisines.

A Collaboratory for Global Citizenship

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Becoming Culturally Proficient and Globally Competent