On October 9-10, 2015, Louisville’s Waterfront Park and Global Commons will host “Walk a Mile in My Shoes: A Refugee Camp Simulation,” a unique and dynamic learning experience providing a powerful glimpse into what many refugees endure when fleeing from their homes and living in a refugee camp. The three-hour experience cultivates global awareness and compassion through the practice of empathy and perspective-taking.



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October 9th & 10th

Walk A Mile In My Shoes

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Celebrating Diwali With our Bhutannese Neighbors

Wednesday, November 4, from 6:30-8:30 PM (Location: TBA) 

The Global Table brings diverse people together around the universal language of food. November's featured country is Bhutan. Come taste authentic Bhutanese cuisine and learn about Bhutanese culture and customs, including the celebration of Diwali, or "festival of lights," which begins on Nov. 11 this year.

The Global Table

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World Religions?

This animated map shows how religion spread across the world.

This animated map shows how religion spread across the world.

Posted by Business Insider on Monday, July 13, 2015

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