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experience as his grandmother's health surrogate and as a hospice volunteer, Justin is inspired to help others share “what matters most” to them in preparation for their final phase of life. 

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About Justin

Justin’s observation that Americans avoid end-of-life conversations and planning are supported by a 2014 Institute of Medicine report, Dying in America, that reflects his concerns and encourages community engagement.

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Since 2012, he has hosted Death Cafes, facilitated The Conversation Project, and engaged other kindred spirits in his quest. In 2016, Justin collaborated with Hosparus on National Healthcare Decisions Day, proposed an end-of-life resource guide that was a finalist in Open IDEO’s Re:Imagine campaign, and conspired with Kel McBride and Deborah Tuggle to launch the city’s first Before I Die Festival. He is available for consultations, public speaking, and collaboration. ​

About The Initiative

Justin Magnuson believes the cultural phobia of death and dying in America must be changed! Motivated by his  

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The Living Fully Initiative is seeking opportunities for collaboration to host conversations, workshops, and retreats. If you have ideas or need end-of-life related services please contact us at justin@livingfullyky.com

Justin Magnuson

Living Fully Initiative 

The Living Fully Initiative’s goal is to change how our culture discusses and prepares for death.

The transformation of how our culture discusses and plans for sickness, aging, dying and death can improve patient care, the emotional and financial quality of families, our healthcare system, and our environment. 

The Living Fully Initiative seeks to accomplish this by hosting and facilitating conversations in several ways:

Collaborating with like-minded individuals to create innovative events like the inaugural Before I Die Fest that took place October 5-November 5. 

The development of an advance care planning program and community resource guide. 

Hosting The Conversation Project, a program "dedicated to helping people talk about their wishes for end-of-life care." These conversations are perfect for groups, but can also be facilitated for individuals or families. This exploration guides participants to ask the question “What Matters Most?” in these four areas:

  1. What type of medical care would they like to receive if facing a life limiting condition?

  2. Who in their life would best reflect these choices?

  3. What is the best way to initiate this conversation with a loved one or health surrogate?

  4. What are the next steps to formalize these wishes?

Death Café Louisville is part of an international project to offer communities space to discuss anything related to death. The only agenda for a Death Café is to talk about death with the intention of becoming more appreciative of our finite time. These not-for-profit events usually involve tea, cake, and a great conversation.