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Becoming WelcomeVille

The driving question for Becoming WelcomeVille is:

How can we as a diverse community come together across national and cultural identities, organizational silos, and traditional boundaries to co-create a Kentucky that is more welcoming, hospitable, and empowering to our newest international populations.

Becoming WelcomeVille creates a dynamic process for new neighbors and long-time Kentuckians to connect across boundaries, discern collective wisdom, collaborate across sectors, and encourage the emergence and launching of new initiatives that serve the vision of a more welcoming and empowering Kentucky.

Becoming WelcomeVille invites both our new neighbors and long-time Kentuckians to envision and co-create new initiatives and programs.

Becoming WelcomeVille has four components

  • Collaborative Cross-Cultural Conversations utilizing Conversation Café and Open Space technologies that surface good ideas and catalyze collaborative initiatives.
  • A WelcomeVille Idea Wall where participants at WorldFest can write down their ideas for a more empowering community and vote for emerging initiatives that hold the greatest possibilities for systematic change.  
  • “Looking Beyond Borders” Benches – Compassionate Louisville will sponsor two benches where four minutes of looking into one another’s eyes creates powerful connections.
  • Social Innovation Prize – To encourage new initiatives and projects, Becoming WelcomeVille will host an innovation prize for the ideas that have the greatest possibility for systematic change. 

Becoming WelcomeVIlle Events

Creative Conversations
Friday Sept. 2 @ WorldFest (Global Village Tent)

Join us for conversations and collaboration as we connect our local and foreign born populations to discern good ideas and initiates for becoming a more empowering state to our new neighbors. Everyone is welcome, new neighbors, general public and stake holders
Friday Afternoon, Sept 2, 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM

PosSOUPbility Social Innovation Prize
Time and Date TBA
Becoming WelcomeVIlle reaches its crescendo on Monday evening with a PosSOUPbilities events where the initiatives and project with the greatest possibility for systematic change have an opportunity to receive energetic and financial support.   The Global Human Project and the Office of Globalization will assist winning ideas in become a reality.

WelcomeVille Idea Wall – “What’s Your Big Idea”
During WorldFest

During WorldFest there will be an opportunity to for WorldFest participants to write down their best ideas, programs or initiatives for how Kentucky can become the most Welcoming State in the world.

Looking Beyond Boarders Benches (Hosted By Compassionate Louisville) 

During WorldFest

These benches invite strangers to sit across from one another and for four minutes look into each other’s eyes.   This experiment was inspired by Arthur Aron to demonstrate that reconciliation between two strangers can and does happen when looking into a strangers eyes for four minutes.


Becoming WelcomeVille Sponsorships

There are two ways to participate in WelcomeVille: by becoming a participant and by financial sponsorships.  We hope you will choose both!  

Participation Sponsorships
Participation Sponsors agree to:

For Individuals

  • Sign up to participate in the Conversation Café and Open Space Conversations on Friday, September 2, from 1:00 to 4:00 PM.
  • Help host the WelcomeVille Idea Wall during WorldFest.
  • Help host the Compassionate Louisville “Looking Beyond Borders” Benches during WorldFest.
  • Help with the social innovation process and prize.

For Organizations

  • Invite your organization to be an official sponsor of Becoming WelcomeVille. 
  • Select a representative from the organization to be a liaison to the Becoming WelcomeVille Hosting Team.
  • Promote Becoming WelcomeVille, using the organizational mailing lists, social media, and networks.
  • Send at least five participants to the Friday Conversations 
  • Promote volunteer opportunities during WorldFest.

All participation sponsors will have their name and/or organizational logo featured on the sponsor board.

Financial Sponsorship Levels
$5,000 - Title Sponsors

  • Title Sponsor for 2016 WelcomeVille 
  • Official WorldFest Sponsor recognition 
  • Opportunity for sponsor to speak at Friday Conversation Events 
  • Tabling opportunity at WelcomeVille Idea Wall during WorldFest

$ 1,000 - Social Innovation Prize Sponsors (three needed)

  • Closing Ceremony Sponsors and PosSOUPbility Sponsors 
  • Name and logo recognition on Sponsor Board 
  • Official WorldFest Sponsor recognition 
  • Prizes awarded during the PosSOUPbility Closing Ceremony

$1,000 - Looking Beyond Boundaries Compassion Benches (two benches)

  • Permanent name on one of two benches to be purchased and used at WorldFest and other events throughout the year
  • Official WorldFest Sponsor recognition 
  • Name on Sponsor Board and all printed publicity 

$500 – WelcomeVille Idea Wall

  • Sponsor one of the 20 tables to be used for Conversation Café
  • Name and logo on tables used for Friday Conversations
  • Name on Sponsor Board and all printed publicity 

$100 – Conversation Café Table Sponsor

  • Sponsor one of the 20 tables to be used for Conversation Café
  • Name and logo on tables used for Friday Conversations
  • Name on Sponsor Board and all printed publicity 

$50 – Sponsor a Student

  • Support a student to participate in Friday morning Conversation Café
  • Name and logo on tables used for Friday Conversations
  • Name on Sponsor Board and all printed publicity 

@ WorldFest 2016

Friday, Sept 2 - Monday Sept. 5​

Conversations and Innovations

for a More Welcoming Kentucky